Basic Online Store



Customizable multi-device template. Shipping and Payment configuration. Optimized performance. Web analytics and initial SEO configuration.
Up to thirty products initial upload.

Custom development

Based on Scope

Designed for Clients with specific requirements, for example: Blog, WhatsApp checkout, large product catalog, integration with third-party tools, dashboards, marketplace, B2B or other business models.

We always include

Management and Technical Support

We integrate ourselves into the commercial operations of your Agency as part of your team in order to add the maximum value to your Clients.

Personal assistance

We promote trust and mutual knowledge to provide you with effective, timely and profitable solutions.

Business development

As your business partners, we permanently look for cost optimization and differentiation opportunities for your Agency.

Our Work Process

Agile development methodologies propose maximum integration between the technology team and the Business, through an iterative and incremental process of:



Business analysis, goal declaration and measurement. Definition of the technical solution. Prioritization and scheduling.



Feature development according to priorities and with weekly or fortnightly delivery. Flexibility on changes in Business needs.



Time-to-Market optimization through weekly or biweekly deliveries. This way we avoid risks and rework costs, as well as provide maximum flexibility to the Business.